SIGN PICK-UP: Please pick up signs and arrows at the last meeting before tour, October 18th, 6:30-8:30 pm, @ The ArtsCenter. If you really can’t come to the meeting, pick up your signs at the Frank Outreach Gallery (only) when you drop off your tour art on October 22, 10 am to 2 pm.

SIGN RETURN: After tour, return your signs & arrows to the Frank Community Gallery (only) on November 12th, 10 am to 2 pm (also art pickup day & time at the Frank). If you cannot return your signs during the day to the Frank Outreach Gallery on 11/12, you may return them the next evening (only) from 6-7pm, November 13th, at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts evening art pick-up.

BALLOONS: (Recommended!) can be ordered from at Balloons & Tunes. Refillable plastic: this year we have 100+ in the circle design and 200+ in the solid yellow design, pics below, $2.75 each*. When they’re gone they’re gone, so order early if you want these. Standard non-refillable hi float latex balloons are also available in tour purple, goldenrod-yellow and orange (or other colors) for $1.75 each**. Refillables saved from last year must be brought in at least three days before you need them! Order your tour-priced balloons by Friday, October 19th, (919)967-3433, FIRM!

See asterisked info below for additional balloon info from B & T and late pricing***.




*Plastic balloons may float for both weekends depending on weather and come with free helium refills. We discourage the use of metallic mylar balloons outdoors because they conduct electricity if they hit a power line & can cause a power outage or shock. No plastic or metallic mylar balloons are biodegradable.

**Latex balloons are only good for 1 weekend and cannot be refilled. Latex balloons are biodegradable. Two days notice required for hi float balloons if needed for the 2nd weekend.

***After Oct. 19, price of plastic balloons, if still available, is $3.25 each and hi float latex are $1.95 each.


Thanks, the Sign Committee, Clay Carmichael, Mike Roig, Jason Smith & Rebecca Neigher



Link to this info: